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Hotel Tibooburra - open 10am 'til late

Welcome to the website for The Family Hotel, Tibooburra in outback NSW, Australia. Gateway to the Sturt National Park and Cameron's Corner

Tibooburra is as friendly a town as you will find in outback Australia. The pub offers a warm welcome, a meal, cold beer and bed if you need one. Drop in and meet Melissa and William Thomson to say G'day.

Fly into Tibooburra
We can provide overnight accommodation, pick ups from the airfield, drop off next morning, dinner etc or an outback lunch if you are passing through. Fuel is available here in town. See Lake Eyre filling!

Ring us to organise your pickup from the airstrip.


News Flash:                                                            

Tap beer has returned to the Family Hotel             


William and Melissa enjoy any reason to celebrate at The Family Hotel. You can bet on having an Aussie good time!

Come along for a Mother's Day dinner and Mum gets to take home a free bottle of wine. Unless she wants to drink it first of course.

Upcoming events at Tibooburra ...


Visit The Family Hotel, Tibooburra to view the famous murals by artist Clifton Pugh

Clifton Ernest Pugh AO, (1924-1990) was an Australian artist, who won the Archibald Prize three times, and an Order of Australia medal in 1985. An expressionist painter, Clifton was known for his landscapes, and also for portraiture.


Sturt National Park is in the north western region of New South Wales. Closest town, Tibooburra.

In the east of Sturt National Park are flood plains, dotted with occasional trees which then give way to small rocky gorges and creek beds.